Ensure total
business compliance

In an insecure world, IT security & compliance is becoming increasingly important for maintaining business continuity, and for winning new business. We apply a best practice security baseline combined with your requirements, to deliver IT compliance that meets your internal policies.

To get the best protection we use only the best tools, which provide real-time monitoring and visibility of threats, regular auditing against your security baseline, and automated remediation - keeping your business safe.

Mobile Device Management

Digital Arena uses Jamf Pro for deployment and maintenance of Apple macOS and iOS devices, including enrolment, standardised configuration, patch management, security compliance, and managed software upgrades.


Digital Arena implements best practice wherever possible. We have a defined security baseline which is based on an Apple OSX Benchmark by the Centre for Internet Security.

Secure Configuration

To maintain security and compliance of your Macs, Digital Arena implement restricted software and patching policies - all of which are deployed and managed through Jamf.

Information Security

Up-to-date security policies, robust technology and team education, is the best defence against threats that can impact your business. We work with you to establish best practice business security policies and technology.


Internet attacks, server performance drops or system failure can disrupt your business. With our monitoring systems alerting us to changes in your core system's performance, we troubleshoot issues in real-time to minimise the chance of impacting your team.


All Macs are audited regularly to see that they meet our security baseline, with automated remediation delivered through Jamf to ensure security and consistency across even the largest deployment of Macs.

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Digital Arena work at a high standard and their attention to detail is second to none. They proactively notify our business of any risks or issues with our Apple environment before they occur. If issues do arise, Digital Arena can always be counted on to quickly resolve them.

David Lean
Head of IT
Farmers Trading Company
On Board since 2003