IT Strategy & Forecasting

IT Asset Tracking

We take the management of your IT assets seriously. At Digital Arena we use advanced database tools to track, manage and assign your IT hardware and software assets across your team. With up-to-date system, versioning and warranty reporting – We ensure you get the right return from your IT investments.

IT Lifecycle Planning

Continued operating system and application upgrades, or a change in workflow processes can see your IT hardware start to under-deliver. To enable your business to prepare for future technology upgrades or expansion, our IT Strategy Team will keep you informed with accurate IT planning and forecasting.

Knowledge Portal

With all of your business IT information in our safe hands, our secure portal puts this information back into your hands. Delivering up-to-date reporting of your IT assets, software licensing management, support case reporting and team management, your business IT information is accessible to you anytime.

Team Management

The speed of on-boarding (and ‘off-boarding’) team members is essential. We take care of new user IT setups to make sure your new team members hit the ground running. Just as importantly, when someone leaves your business we’ll manage the process of disabling their access to your network and business data.

Our IT Expertise

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