Dec 1, 2010

NZ Post launch Localist

Localist and Digital Arena, technology partners.

NZ Post have launched Localist a place to find and share whats good around here...

Digital Arena has been appointed to consult, manage and integrate their AdFactory andPageFactory software for the automation of the Localist print advertising, and final book pagination. An exciting project and a first for New Zealand in so many ways. The Localist brings a new class of service to Auckland's communities. And Digital Arena bring an industry first with their advanced ad and book pagination tools.

'Thank you for all Digital Arena's efforts, in particular over the last few days' - Ken Holley - Head of Technology

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Digital Arena's solution implementation has been flawless and delivery has met all of their commitments and our expectations. Feedback from the design studio has been extremely positive and aggravations and inefficiencies of the past have been well laid to rest.